“My journey with SCM started a bit differently. It was not because of my passion for music or marimba, but simply because a friend asked if I could help with a SCM concert.

That was the first time I saw and heard a marimba. But what impressed me even more than the music was the love and support in the room. That day, I learned how rare opportunities are for marimba players to simply meet other artists and experience music like that, and that day, I decided to join SCM.

Fast forward a few years to now, I still can’t play any music but I’m still proud to be a member of this organization. I’m proud of how it takes on the challenge of catering to marimba students and artists, a very small population that’s often overlooked. I’m proud that despite the limited funds and resources, this nonprofit never strays away from the reason why it was created: to inspire and support marimba students and artists in their music journeys, and through that, share the beautiful sound of the marimba to more and more people.”

– Uyen Yu, COO & Marketing Manager