UYEN YU is a content marketing and communications strategist based in Orange County, California. Joining SCM as a volunteer in 2016, Uyen now leads the marketing activities of the organization. She also helps with overseeing the administrative and business affairs of the organization, to make sure that SCM can continue to provide helpful programs and activities to marimba students and artists.

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“My journey with SCM started a bit differently. It was not because of my passion for music or marimba, but simply because a friend asked if I could help with a SCM concert. Fast forward a few years to now, I still can’t play any music but I’m still proud to be a member of such a dedicated nonprofit that never strays away from the reason why it was created: to inspire and support marimba students and artists in their music journeys, and through that, share the beautiful sound of the marimba to more and more people.” – Uyen Yu, Director of Marketing