This past year, a lot of us were soul-searching, unlearning and learning, and strengthening unheard voices. We were inspired to find some of the best composers we know and love – who represent various walks of life and cultures – and commission them to expand the marimba repertoire via the 2022 New Works Initiative.

Compositions: BRAND NEW marimba chamber music!

Our composers Joe W. Moore III (mallet duo), Christine Araoka (mallet trio), and Kristian De Leon (mallet quartet) are currently working hard to introduce their new pieces to the world!

Click the 2022 NWI tab in our drop-down menu or click here to see samples of their new works!

Join us for our online concert premiering these new works on Saturday, September 10th, 2022 @ 2pm Pacific Time! The concert will run live through this link.

About the composers

Joe W. Moore III: currently a faculty of the University of Monroe-Louisiana, he has written over a hundred works for percussion and other instruments! Joe was also one of our esteemed judges for this year's Online International Artist Competition and performed his original pieces during the Judges' Concert.
Christine Araoka: native SoCal pianist who recently toured with Engelbert Humperdinck in the UK- she has recently been writing marimba pieces in jazz styles and complex chords that we don't often see in percussion. Here's a glimpse of the beautiful score for one of her unconventional etudes for marimba!
Kristian De Leon: currently based in NYC, he writes colorful works that explore the “in-betweens” in the world of contemporary classical music, including his recently premiered work, State of Alarm. The piece reflects upon the turmoil of the pandemic and his support for Black Lives Matter and other initiatives for marginalized communities. 


The deadline has passed for joining this year’s consortium. We hope you’ll be able to join us next time!

By joining a consortium (group of people and institutions that financially support a composer to write new music), you can be one of the first to exclusively perform their music!

Here are the perks of joining our consortium:

1 year exclusivity: sheet music won't be available to the public until August 2023. When you join our commission, you have the opportunity to consult with our composers and access their music in 2022!
Perform with your favorite people: if you were waiting for the opportunity to play some great music with your talented friends, this is the project for you to get some awesome chamber music!
Shape the history of marimba music: the marimba is a fairly young instrument. By supporting new works and composers, you get to shape the repertoire and make sure that diverse voices are being included NOW.
See your name in the score: your name will be permanently included in the composer's score as a part of our consortium.

Musicians should be paid for their art – ALL people need to be paid for their work and dedication to their craft. We want musicians not only to survive, but to thrive in their work.

Do you want to join us in making the marimba repertoire more diverse, more beautiful, and all-around more awesome in the future?

Whether you contribute $5 or $500, your support ensures that we continue our programs to sustain the arts and our musicians.

As always, thank you for your continued support of SCM and the marimba community!