DANIEL HALLETT is a marimbist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was a finalist in the Open Division of SCM’s 2021 International Artist Competition, and joined the team in fall of 2022. He collaborates frequently with professor Jack van Geem; the two recently released a recording of the complete Goldberg Variations. Daniel works as an Orchestral Librarian for organizations in the Bay Area and is an avid runner.

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“I first met members of the SCM team many years ago while we were all studying in Boston. Even then, before SCM existed, these wonderful folks championed the marimba, performing beautiful adaptations and thought-provoking new works on a regular basis. When I heard that they had formed an organization on the opposite coast, where I had also ended up, I knew I had to take part. I look forward to many years of meaningful work advancing our favorite instrument, and growing myself as a player and person along the way.” – Dan Hallett, Chief Financial Officer & Administrative Assistant