LANA LAM is a math teacher at Frank J. Zamboni Middle School, California. In 2017, she attended an SCM concert and decided to join the organization to help support the often-overlooked marimba students and artists. With that passion, she has been leading SCM’s education programs, bringing free music clinics to schools and colleges across Southern California. Lana also plays an important part in SCM events, managing the logistics and volunteers to ensure a great experience for all attendees.

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“I have three passions: music, math, and teaching. I am very fortunate that my career is involved with two of my passions, which is teaching math. In 2017, I came across Southern California Marimba and saw how the staff worked hard with no pay but full of passion to promote music to the underprivileged, helping them advance in their musical careers. I decided to join them, and through that, fulfill my third passion.” – Lana Lam, Director of Education