JACKY NOZUKA is a percussionist based in Southern California. She volunteered at SCM’s 2019 IAC and officially joined the SCM team in 2021. Jacky performs with local groups, such as Synesthesia Sinfonietta, and teaches percussion lessons and high school front ensembles. In her free time, she hangs out with her cats, Boo and Ketzel.

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“I started playing marimba at a time when I needed something beautiful in my life. Music can light your way in darkness, and that’s what marimba did for me. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of the SCM team. We all love the instrument so much and want to share this love with our fellow marimbists and humans. I am proud of SCM for valuing inclusivity and accessibility-it is always on the agenda. We are nowhere near perfect, but we are striving for a brighter future together.” – Jacky Nozuka, Director of Marketing & Fundraising