ERIC WHITMER was introduced to music through a dedicated community of local musicians in his native rural Northern California hometown. If not for these musicians, Eric would probably be stuck behind a desk instead of stuck in a practice room hammering away at one percussion instrument or another. He strives to help create similar musical opportunities for all, both as an administrator and as a musician in Northern California and beyond. Currently, Eric lives in Nashville, TN where he is pursuing his Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance at Vanderbilt University.

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“SCM is made of people who care. That is what sets them apart and made me want to engage with them. They care about making great music and providing meaningful artistic experiences for their audiences, but perhaps most importantly, they truly care about inspiring the next generation of musicians and artists. Their enthusiasm for their craft is unrivaled and makes every event they host unbelievably exciting to participate in at any capacity: volunteer, performer, student, or audience member.” – Eric Whitmer, Associate Director