We offer FREE educational resources because we understand how important they are for the growth of young musicians. We also provide unique opportunities to get up close with professional musicians and learn from their performance careers.

SCM Microgrant Program

Thanks to the help of our donors, we are able to offer microgrants for anyone with financial hardship, local or international, to help cover the cost of their marimba education. Previous recipients are also eligible to reapply!

These funds can be used for expenses related to your musical education, including but not limited to: audio equipment, instrument rental fees, mallet purchases, sheet music purchases, and private lessons. If selected, proof of purchase is required at the time of receiving the microgrant.

Please note that this fund is designed to make marimba education more equitable. All disclosures will be kept confidential.

*Applications are now open! Please click here to apply by December 18th, 2022. Recipients will be notified and awarded by early 2023.

Database of Marimba Music by BIPOC Composers

As part of our action to move towards a more diverse and inclusive music world (please see our blog for more information), we have created an online database of marimba music by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) composers from around the world. We hope that this database can help our community meaningfully explore these works and discover opportunities to include them in our existing programs!

If you would like to contribute new pieces or have any editing suggestions, please send us a message here. We would love for this project to include the efforts of our community!

We would also recommend checking out Percussion Pieces by Black Composers for more resources.


We provide educational clinics for music programs in schools throughout Southern California.

These clinics are led by marimba artists, percussionists, and musicians who will share their knowledge and experience in the music industry. Clinics also give students an opportunity to perform their own music and receive feedback from the clinician.

Topics of the clinics vary depending on the clinician and specific requests from the schools. Examples of our clinic topics are: performance technique, color and texture in music, ensemble playing, and etc.

If your school is interested in hosting SCM for a clinic, please reach out to us at inspire@scmarimba.org and we will drop by for a visit!


We offer masterclasses that usually precede an SCM event by our featured artist(s).

While the program of a masterclass depends largely on our featured artist(s), it typically includes a lecture on a musical concept, performances from students, and in-depth feedback.

All masterclasses are open to the public and free for students. Those interested in performing can sign up ahead of time for consideration. Whether performing or not, attendees have an invaluable opportunity to learn from and connect with other artists.

A SCM masterclass usually precedes an evening concert and is hosted by the featured artist(s) of the concert. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates!

Masterclass led by Beverley Johnston | June 2019

Masterclass led by Nancy Zeltsman | May 2019

Clinic at Chapman University, led by Christina Cheon | March 2019

Masterclass led by Heartland Marimba Quartet | February 2018

Masterclass led by Naoko Takada | April 2017

Clinic at Paramount High School, led by Joanna Chen & Ryan Yamashiro | March 2017 

Clinic at Woodbridge High School, led by Kelly Shin | January 2017

Clinic for Alvarado Intermediate School and Rowland High School,
led by Christina Cheon & Lana Lui | Dec. 2016